Almost a year after settling into the job, Cho read an essay that went off like a bomb in the tech world. Susan Fowler, a former Uber engineer, detailed the mistreatment and harassment she experienced at the ride-hailing company ― and how her complaints went ignored. Everyone read it, including Cho and her colleague at Meltwater, Grace Choi. They saw themselves in that post. They started talking, opening up about their very personal experiences with discrimination, harassment and racism in the work world. “There were stories we hadn’t shared with anyone else,” Cho said.In very typical Silicon Valley fashion, the conversation made them wonder, “Why don’t good solutions to sexual harassment already exist?” Choi writes in a post on Medium. They set out to find one, or at least figure out a way to help with the problem.And finally, this week Cho, Choi and Annie Shin, a software engineer who had been friends with Cho since high school, launched, a comprehensive guide for anyone who’s experienced sexual harassment at work and doesn’t know what to do next.The three women devoted hours of their free time over the past several months t

Source: These 3 Women Are Fed Up With Sexual Harassment. And They’re Taking Action. | HuffPost